Tell Us How You Really Feel, Andy: Spadaro Interview With Reid Tells Nothing


Published: March 20, 2009


... accomplished nothing in this "wide open, anything-goes forum."

Spadaro tried to do his best impression of an unbiased interviewer, but the questions he fired were duds in this controlled setting.

The Eagles organization works in a bubble, where they are correct and anyone else who thinks that the organization may be mistaken must be out of their mind. 

Call me crazy, but is it so far-fetched that Reid has an opinion of his own on the recent moves and the lack thereof that this team has taken?

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe Reid does believe he and Joe Banner did all they could to re-sign safety Brian Dawkins. But, of course, as Reid put it, "That's business."

This begs the question: What is their business? Are Lurie, Banner, Reid, and Heckert in the business of winning, or are they in the business of turning a profit through the means of spectator sport?

Reid has partaken in the company Kool-Aid far too long. 

He may believe that let...

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