TAB’s 2009 NFL Mock Draft: Draft Week Special Edition


Published: April 20, 2009


... to fill needs on teams that have also seen equal-caliber talent walk out the door.


Whether it’s Brian Dawkins, Jay Cutler, Albert Haynesworth, or Torry Holt, the new faces on teams across the league will have an enormous impact on the NFL landscape this coming season.


However, as we look at the draft and how the first round is now taking shape, there are still a few substantial rumors floating that could play a significant role in what players are taken by which teams and, more importantly, where they’re picked.


This will not be my final mock draft, as it is my tenth of this offseason (I will bring my final mock on Friday evening, the night before the Draft), but it is my most complete to date. I look forward to similar conversations as I’ve had on my previous nine.

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