Stop Saying There’s Always Next Year: The Cleveland Browns Need to Win Now


Published: October 1, 2009

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... Anderson traded, and to clean house and start over? 

Well, I say to that "you wanted it, you got it". The Cleveland Browns are the laughing stock of the NFL, this team can't get out of their own way, we are witnessing the Detroit Lions of last season.

Browns Head Coach Eric "Mangenius" has completely shut this team down.

They're fighting in the locker room? What is this? They could act like the "pros" they claim to be.

Why is it that the Browns are in the headlines for the wrong reasons every week? Maybe it's because the coach is too busy fining players for not paying their bottled water bills in hotels! What how is this even possibly a issue? Eric Mangini has zero control over a team that needs not only a coach, but also some one to guide them to doing something they can't do alone, win!

Coach Mangini stop riding Belichick's coattails and play your game, enough is enough.

People respond better when they are treated like adults especially ...

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