Stop Complaining about Donovan McNabb Not Speaking


Published: May 4, 2009


... he makes waves even when he doesn't speak.

One of the highlights of Eagles mini-camp has always been the "State of Donovan Address" on day one. This year, it never took place. The current Donovan debate is whether he should have taken the podium.

Whatever the guy says, wherever he says it, it is scrutinized, dissected, rehashed, and criticized. Can you blame him for not speaking?

He posted a blog entry last week, saying how excited he was about the team's new acquisitions. What was the overwhelming response to that? Criticism that he didn't mention the draftees each by name.

What conclusion was drawn? That he was unhappy about the players that were selected.


Donovan McNabb has not always said the right thing, although most of his indiscretions have come since the drafting of Kevin Kolb, which clearly never sat well with him.

Say what you want about McNabb, but he is a good teammate and a good person.

Every rookie...

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