State Of The League: New York Jets


Published: March 31, 2009


... their signs asking for Favre?  I do.  I also remember them bashing him (as well they should have) when he began to, well, play like Favre.

Being an old Packers fan, deep deep deep deep down inside I wanna still like him. I want to think that if you were to get a jackhammer and spend a couple days hammering the douche off of him, there is a decent guy in there somewhere.

I think Favre heard my yearnings, and decided to spend his last two years showing me, I was wrong. He is an older more refined T.O, causing problems with management, ownership, and the locker room, thinking he was too good to be second best.

He finally has hung up the cleats and I’m glad the football world can finally put the Favre pseudo-legacy behind us. The Jets taking Favre wasn’t the worst idea in the world.  Favre looked like he was going through a resurgence to finish his career on top.

Meanwhile, Chad Pennington was sitting on his hands, to get the stran...

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