Stable Quarterback Comes to Chicago


Published: April 4, 2009


... at the receiver position to town.

Mushin Muhammmad said it best: "Chicago is where receivers go to die."

Think of the mentality of the front office alone when you can't stabilize the QB position. Marty Booker has a Pro Bowl season, and the next year he's traded for Adewale Ogunleye (great move by the way). 

Bernard Berrian has a breakout season, and he leaves for the Vikings after some nice circus catches. No matter what the bears were offering, he was gone, thinking to himself, "No way is it going to be any better next year with the QB situation in Chicago."

Bobby Engram is a solid receiver in Seattle again (stable QB situation). Justin Gage, big target new school receiver, gone to Tennessee (played well last year catching balls from Collins).

Mark Bradley, a young talent you cant see it Chicago, goes to Kansas city, and even throws a bomb for a TD; who knew the kid can throw!

Bobby Wade was nice receiver who was shipped out of...

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