Sports Fan Laws: Break ’em and Lose Your Fanhood


Published: March 28, 2009


... between the fans and their teams.  I've developed personality traits, anecdotes, and even referring to a stadium as a "second home." 

But there's only so much we notice.  I've been away from BR for a while (this is only my second article in a few months) but I've noticed several things while I was away from this site.

These are the "What Not To Do" as a sports fan rules, and doing any of these actions will result in the stripping of fanhood (after a fair trial).

Fitted Hat Rule:
This is more of a generational thing, but everyone from James Knox Polk to an octuplet has seen this violation.

With more and more of these "crazy" kids (myself included...sort of...just read on) buying these hats, this law needs to be created.

From this point on, no serious fan will be allowed to wear a team hat that's not of their own team.  I've constantly seen Phillies fans rocking Braves lids and I'm actually pretty...

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