Spirit Of Y.A. Tittle To Sue DANTHEMAN781 (Humor)

for NFLSportChannel.com

Published: April 12, 2009


... thing thinks Marino is great, that is fine.

That is not what his ghost said.   The not dead Y.A Tittle's spirit sat down with me.

"You know that famous picture of me kneeling in the end zone?  It is in black and white so maybe a little snot nosed punk like DANTHEMAN781 thinks that is ink or something.  It's not.  It is blood."

"So this lawsuit ..." I said.

"The little puke called Marino the best quarterback to never get a ring.  Bull$#%^@!  Oh sorry, can I say that?"

"I'll edit it.  So when he..." I said.

"Look, I was polite when that panty waist broke my TD record.  I did not point out mine was in a 14 game season.  I did not point out that I was playing football with none of this girlie man 'roughing the quarterback' shi..., um, stuff."

"So in you're opinion..."  I said.


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