Sorry Buffalo, Terrell Owens Is Still the Same Old Terrible O Show


Published: April 10, 2009


... incredibly thick skull.  You'd think being curbed by Jerry Jones—the man who once embraced him and would do anything to keep his mercurial wide receiver happy, including personal hand-holding on the sidelines—would be a five-alarm wake-up call.

You'd think being forced into National Football League purgatory in western New York would finally be Owens' "come to Jesus" moment.

Of course, if you did all that thinking, you'd have reflected more honestly and profoundly on the events than Terrell Owens seems capable of.  This hombre is one colossal monument to self-delusion and conceit.

Forget Kanye West, South Park should've sent up this clown.

And I'm not reacting to Owens missing the Buffalo Bills' voluntary workouts.

As has been stated many times, the one thing you don't have to worry about with Terrell is what kind of shape he'll report to camp in.  The dude is far too vain to let his precious ...

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