Some Advice That Would Take Terrell Owens From Good To Great


Published: April 8, 2009


... it be from someone I just met, or a longtime friend.  I proudly wear those words on my sleeve.

So what do these qualities have to do with sports?  Allow me to elaborate.

I still believe O.J. is innocent.  I know the facts, but I just can't wrap my mind around a Buffalo Bills icon doing something so horrible.  He's freaking O.J. Simpson for pete's sakes!  I love him!

I have all the faith in the world that T.O. is going to change his ways in Buffalo.  He just needs to realize that our beloved team and its fans are willing to give him a clean slate and are welcoming him with open arms.

Let me address Terrell directly here for a moment.

Dude, if you want the ball, practice with your new, young quarterback. Timing is absolutely everything for the two of you. Edwards hitting you in stride will be your bread and butter. You'll see nothing but huge yardage and countless touchdowns.

Yep. You're good. But you can be great...

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