Signs of a Fluke: How I Knew Derek Anderson Was, and Why Matt Cassel Isn’t


Published: March 20, 2009


... a lot of people. Often times they go into the next season and look nothing like they did the year before—and they get labeled a one-year wonder.

Others build off the confidence they gained and take it to the next level, as Tom Brady did.

So how do you know if your young quarterback is the real deal or not?

There are some clear warning signs that your guy is a fluke. Derek Anderson showed all of them; Matt Cassel showed none of them.

Here are those signs.

1. Red hot start

There is no denying that Anderson came out with all guns blazing, while Cassel was not all that impressive at the start.

2. Declining numbers to end the season

Anderson threw more interceptions than touchdowns the last few weeks of the 2007 season; he wasn't efficient at all. Cassel steadily got better as the season progressed, and even became more comfortable going deep.

3. Strong performances came when no...

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