Should We Trust The Atlanta Falcons Process?


Published: April 19, 2009


... Falcons on Bleacher Report. I am just getting that out of the way so you know that I am in no way hating on the Falcons. So now that you know that, here is what I have to say.

I have read probably over a few hundred articles on the Falcons along with the comments that follow, and well, there seems to be a trend. Almost every Falcon fan is praising the "Process". Almost every single fan I have met and seen has said that they fully believe in the "Process". I just have a question, Why does everyone believe so much in the process?

Why is it that one good season is enough to make Dimitroff and Smith gods or geniuses in the minds of Falcon fans?

I mean that is what has happened. The fans have all joined together and preached the gospel of Dimitroff. I have had people comment on my articles arguing with my thoughts, which is great, then bailing out on the end saying they believe in him.

What the Hell? I am sorry, but there are only three fan ...

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