Shock and Awe: The Winners and Losers for Day 1 of the 2009 NFL Draft


Published: April 26, 2009


... a day old. Players haven't even stepped onto an NFL field yet, and some may not pay off for several years to come, let alone this season.

Still, by the end of Saturday, it's a worthwhile endeavor to examine some teams who have ended up looking smart and others....

Well, not so much.

So with the realization in mind that we still don't know everything, here are the teams who made our jaws drop, though not always for good reasons.


The Shock

Oakland Raiders

Maybe Al Davis and his Raiders will prove us all wrong, but right now their draft can be summed up in an exchange I saw between Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times (where the Raiders once resided) and Raiders beat writer Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee (which is close to Oakland, I suppose).

Farmer: Why were the Raiders reaching like that in the second?

Jones: They reach because that's what they do.

They wer...

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