Setting the Tables Straight on the “T.O. in B-Lo” Controversy


Published: March 10, 2009


... Bills. I am going to give you as fresh of a perspective as anyone can on this touchy subject to us inhabitants of Buffalo, N.Y.

Everybody outside of this situation—non-Bills fans—throws us the same generic garbage about Owens and his past issues with the 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys. This seems to be the popular thing to do when covering Owens on any subject.

What do I mean by generic garbage? I think ESPN’s Jim Rome summed it up quite well when he said, "This is going to be an awesome train-wreck." Why did he say this? Rome said it because T.O. is a “big city” and “big lights” type of personality who begs for attention.

If attention is what he wants, that's exactly what he will get here in Buffalo. His jersey sales will far exceed those of his past teams because this is the biggest thing that has happened to Buffalo sports since the Bills’ 90s runs to the Super Bowl.

But I digress because this ...

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