Seasons of Change, but Not in Cleveland


Published: September 29, 2009

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How many times do we need to shift starting QBs?  How many drafts do we need to waste?  This is why Cleveland has not changed this year.  Listening to Mary Kay Cabot and Tony Grossi, you'd think that Quinn has shot the team in the foot after being named starting QB just earlier this month.

Considering the facts, when ESPN keeps saying the Browns have only 1 TD in the past (fill in the blank) games, that TD came from Brady Quinn's arm.  If you want to say it was in garbage time, do it. A TD is a TD.  But you can also knock his INTs from 3 to 1, maybe even 0.

  • Braylon Edwards runs the wrong route, Minnesota picks it off
  • Browns moving down the field in "garbage time" in Denver, tipped pass gets picked
  • Braylon Edwards might have run the proper right, but watches Baltimore pick it off

Enter Derek Anderson.  And what do you hear?  "The Browns need to see wh...

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