Seahawks Second-Round Trade with Denver: How Good of a Deal It Can Be?


Published: April 25, 2009


... second-round selection (37th overall) to the Denver Broncos for Denver's first-round selection in the 2010 NFL Draft. And just to make it clear, that 2010 pick from Denver is the Broncos' pick, not the Chicago Bears pick they recently received in the Cutler trade.


With the selection just acquired from the Seahawks, the Broncos selected cornerback Alphonso Smith from Wake Forrest.


This trade could be result in a huge boon for the Seahawks if (and only if) the Broncos don’t do that well in the 2009 regular season and end up receiving a top-10 pick in next year's draft.


In that case, it could be great, especially if Seattle gets all of its top players healthy. With a little luck, the Seahawks could go deep in the Playoffs and still have a very high selection.

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