San Francisco 49ers Turning Dreams Into Visions


Published: March 29, 2009


... and a tremendous amount of downs. However, recent developments point to a brighter future, and subsequently a new found legacy.

"When I look around the NFL I am amazed at how many people have a dream, and how few have a vision." Mike Singletary stated in the "State of the Franchise" earlier this month. "I stand before you today just to have you understand that the 49ers of 2009 have a vision," Singletary said moments later.

Now before we completely understand what Singletary means by this, we must first understand the 49ers of 2009.

The 49ers of 2009 have, like many teams in the NFL, made some changes; however, many of the changes taking place in San Francisco have left a buzz in the air of a playoff spot.  But do we actually have what it takes? 

For the answer, all you have to do is simply look to who we picked up in free agency. How many holes have the San Francisco 49ers eliminated before the draft?

The 49ers have already pick...

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