San Francisco 49ers: Columnists Take Aim At Stadium Controversy


Published: July 16, 2009

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... because their recent columns about the 49ers' stadium plans were both witty and/or candid.

Well, some might consider them insulting, if they happened to be targets.

In a Mercury News column, Mark Purdy wrote:

"What a naive chump I can be."

"Over the past few years, I truly thought that San Francisco was losing its vicious jealousy of the South Bay and Silicon Valley."

"... You would think that as residents of the Bay Area's second-largest city, San Franciscans would realize the South Bay is no hick outpost or threat to civilization, just a vital part of Northern California's diverse metropolitan region. Right?"

"Wrong. Ever since the 49ers decided to cast their fate with Santa Clara, the ... envy has returned. ..."

Chronicle columnist Ray Ratto was pragmatic:

"The idea that Santa Clara has 100 million some-odd dollars to toss at the 49ers is weird enough. Trusting the Yorks to come up with t...

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