San Diego Chargers Should Go After Julius Peppers


Published: March 18, 2009


... side Shawne Merriman?  As was proven by the Pittsburgh Steelers, DEFENSE wins Super Bowls.  

A.J. Smith finally waking up and seeing the light with the signing of L.T., hopefully he sees at least one awesome opportunity out there in Peppers while he has his eyes open.

San Diego has been beaten in the playoffs at least twice by the Patriots, why let an already dominant team like the Patriots become more dominant in a conference that we are trying to win?

My take is pay Peppers what you are going to put up for the 16th pick this year, trade it to the Panthers and fill our other needs later in the draft.

At that point we would have an awesome linebacking crew, with a defensive coordinator that should already be a head coach—hopefully some day for the Chargers.  With Merriman and Peppers together, quarterbacks of the other teams are non-factors.

Take a look in the division-

Denver - ?  (Cutler is a cry Baby)  Th...

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