San Diego Chargers Prattles: 2009


Published: March 18, 2009


... down my Charger thoughts, predictions and praises for 2009, in a format that does not require research, grammar checking and true facts. I am posting a run off type article of Charger stuff on my mind going into 2009. Here goes:

1) Welcome back L.T. (It's nice to see the Chargers do the right thing for once).

2) Ok, now that he's back and they franchised Sproles. Can we please give him a break every once in a while. I think if they spelled L.T. with Sproles more in the early part of the season, there would have been a much different outcome. I assume this is the plan this year.

3) Rivers was right, Cutler is a punk!

4) If the Patriots get Peppers for a second round pick, and The Chargers don't even sniff at him. Somethings wrong! So what if he hasn't mentioned San Diego, So what if the Chargers  typically never, ever sign any players that are even remotely high profile. Peppers and Merriman....Oh my goodness.

5) Maybe the Charger...

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