Ryan Moats Stays Calm Under Pressure, When Anyone Could Understand If He Didn’t

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Published: March 26, 2009


... he ran a red light to get his wife Tamishia to the hospital to have her last moments with her mother.

The whole sequences of events that happened to both Ryan and Tamishia was in the parking lot of Baylor Regional Medical Center. It's from the article titled "Dallas Police Delayed NFL Player as Relative Died."

As the picture indicates, the Moats are African-Americans and the officer involved was Caucasian. I must applaud Moats for not going out and claiming racism. Moats' only quote about the situation, "We can't help but think that race might have played a factor."

The officer's name is Robert Powell.

Now, I can understand that it's early in the morning and being a cop is a stressful job and when you see someone run a stop light you should of course check out the situation to see if everything is ok.

Obviously, the Moats' situation was dire and they needed to get inside the hospital. This is where to me officer Powell crossed the line...

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