Rule Changes: NFL At It Again


Published: March 29, 2009


... replay can be used to determine if a loose ball stayed in bounds or hit the sideline.

Could we not have saved trouble by just telling the officials to not rule a ball out of bounds unless they had actually seen it go out of bounds? I think this is more or less a "common sense" rule on the referees part.


  • The draft order has been reworked to reflect playoff results, not regular-season results

I'm not so sure about this one. This stems mainly from the 2008 playoff incident where the San Diego Chargers (8-8) beat out the Indianapolis Colts (12-4) and made it farther into the playoffs. 

Obviously with the previous draft order the Colts would have picked farther down the line than the Chargers. Now, this order will be determined by how well a team does in the playoffs. 

How exactly does this help? I don't feel that it does. It's an "any given Sunday"...

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