Roger Goodell Needs to Reinstate Eddie DeBartolo as Owner of the 49ers


Published: May 5, 2009


... and quite possibly giving Sarah McLachlanand everyone at PETA a nervous break down, he should make an even bolder move and reinstate Eddie Debartolo as the owner of the San Francisco 49ers.

DeBartolo was involved in a corruption case with Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards concerning some river boat gambling license. He plead guilty and cooperated with authorities.

He was only charged with failure to report a felony, and he paid fines in excess of one million dollars.

He lost control of the San Francisco 49ers in 2000 and turned the team over to his sister Denise DeBartolo-York.

How has the team done since guessed it, horrible.

This is peanuts compared to what Michael Vick did.

Michael vick mutilated dogs, destroyed the image of a franchise, and was involved in organised crime. He was and will always be known as a gangster.

If Roger Goodell reinstated DeBartolo as owner, the NFL would hit a gold mine. San Francisco woul...

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