Roger Goodell and 18 Game Season: The Final Straw for This NFL Fan


Published: March 26, 2009


... that watching NFL football with other fans brings in. It is a great time; there is no other sport like it.

However, I think that the golden goose that is the NFL is about to be slain thanks to one man: Roger Goodell. I cannot believe that Dan Rooney, one of the most respected owners in all sports, was the lead supporter for Goodell after Paul Tagliabue’s retirement.

At first I trusted that Goodell was the right hire; after all, Mr. Rooney did back him, right? Pete Rozelle built it, Tagliabue grew it, there was no way Goodell could mess this up.

Man was I wrong.

We have been given signs of Goodell’s ineptitude since he came in May 2006. This week, at the NFL owners’ meeting in Dana Point, he stated that he would like to see an 18-game season. That for me was the last straw. Here is the short list of all Goodell’s “accomplishments” that I could think of:


1. Player conduct policy: He h...

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