Report: Braylon Edwards to New York Giants


Published: April 14, 2009


... be done that will send Braylon Edwards to New York for a second and fifth round pick this year, as well as a receiver.

The identity of the receiver is not yet known, however as a Giants fans, I would be livid if the deal included Steve Smith, which is what the Browns are asking for. Not only would the Giants be giving up two very valuable picks, but they would be giving up the best current WR on the roster.

I can tell you this with a lot of confidence—the move will hurt the Giants more than it helps. Braylon Edwards' current contract is up at the end of the 2010 season, so if he has any sort of success like he did in the 2007 season, he will command a lucrative deal.

This bothers me because the Giants already have a significant amount of money tied up in other players. In all likelihood, they won't suffer from this, because the new labor agreement does not seem to be close to being done, and the there will more than likely be an uncapped season anyway.
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