Remembering the AFL


Published: March 29, 2009


... the only league that has rivaled the NFL so much, that it eventually merged into one.

After the failures to buy the Chicago Cardinals, son of a Texas Millionaire Lamar Hunt decided to start up a new league. Pretty soon there were teams in Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Buffalo, Boston, Houston, and Minneapolis (who joined the NFL before playing a game and were replaced by the Oakland Raiders).
There was supposed to be a team in Seattle, but the University of Washington officials refused for the team to play at Husky Stadium.

The first big blow against the NFL came when the Houston Oilers signed LSU star Billy Cannon for $100,000 after the Rams signed him for $50,000.
The Rams sued and lost, and Cannon ended up leading the Oilers to the first three championship games, two of which they won.

In 1964, the AFL was on the verge of equality with the NFL. They have signed a lucrative deal with NBC for television rights...

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