Releasing Plaxico Burress: How The Giants Can Fill The Void


Published: April 4, 2009


... but when it got to the red zone the Giants could not do very much. Being a smash mouth team is a good thing, but when people are stacking the box expecting run, it's not much use.

Without Plaxico there was no red zone threat, no 6' 5" target that could catch the ball at its highest point which made it impossible for the defensive back to make a play. That was the reason for the loss against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Going forward, the loss of Plaxico Burress will hurt the Giants offense. Without Plaxico Burress, teams will stack the line against the run. Without Plaxico Burress, Eli Manning can no longer be the same quarterback. Before, Eli could throw a ball in the vicinity of Plaxico and trust in Plaxico to make a play.

This was especially true in Giants stadium. The notorious swirling winds made Eli's passes float and become prime targets for defensive backs. With Plaxico, the swirling winds did not matter as much because Eli did not have to throw with great...

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