Regardless What His Agent Says, Brett Favre is Mulling a Return


Published: April 29, 2009


... honor.

While every player aspires to one day be enshrined with the all-time greats, Jordan explained, the Hall of Fame announcement was a drop-dead confirmation that his career was, indeed, finished.

So it goes with great athletes in the weeks, months, and in some cases, years after their retirement. Logically, they know they're too old to run with the kids anymore.

But on some days, they wake up with an extra spring in their step, or they're playing catch with their kids and the ball pops out of their hands the way it used to, or the jumper falls eight or nine times in a row, and the athlete begins to think, "Hmmm..."

This, I believe, is what is happening to Brett Favre. He still wants to play, and many of us football fans still want him to play. So, when the Jets gave Favre his outright release Tuesday, football "experts" and fans immediately began speculating, not on whether the QB would come back, but where he would end up.

The consensus seem...

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