Redskins Say “No Thanks, Jay Cutler, We’re Sticking with Jason Campbell”


Published: April 5, 2009


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Thank you, Chicago, for paying a ransom for crybaby Cutler. And thank you, Daniel Snyder, for having the sense to not out pay the Bears.


I don’t dispute the fact that Cutler is a talented quarterback who has achieved more statistical success in a shorter period of time and at a younger age than Campbell—but this was the wrong move at the wrong time.


Ultimately, Campbell may never become as good as Cutler. But for a change, as Redskins owner, Snyder must be patient, grow the team organically, and let everyone—fans included—reach a natural conclusion with some closure.


Both Campbell and Head Coach Jim Zorn must be given sufficient time to toil and either succeed or fail.


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