Redskins Fans Play the Blame Game With Jason Campbell


Published: March 30, 2009

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... in order to deal with the failures of the organization, a scapegoat must be found. The target—QB Jason Campbell.

Campbell gets any and every negative thing about him magnified and used as reason to call for his head. If you read the comments on message boards and such, the 'Skins' 2-6 finish in 2008 was completely his fault.

Now, this is not to say that better QB play is not a necessary—it is. However, what ails this team is not Jason Campbell.

There have been cries to go and get Jay Cutler, but is Cutler good enough to offset a right tackle who gets pushed back into the QB's face?

There have even been cries to start Todd Collins. If Collins is so good, why hasn't he ever started anywhere unless there was an injury involved?

Will getting rid of Campbell change the fact that there is very little quality depth at any position on this team?

Lets be real, people. The problems with this team are deeply rooted in how it is run. This is ...

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