Recapping Carolina’s Losses: Let’s Hope It Doesn’t Get Any Worse


Published: March 22, 2009


... face has passed through Carolina's door for the entire free agency period thus far, but sadly,  many familiar faces have walked out.

Of course, this could be the situation of many other teams if they, too, were strapped for cash and one player had a chokehold on their cap room.

It's a terrible situation, isn't it?

A team has dug themselves so deep into a hole that they can't even retain a few basic players who would certainly help them in future should things get tough.

It's sad, but it's true, and it's happening to my very own Carolina Panthers. I never thought it would get to be this disastrous, and it's all because of Julius Peppers.

To name some of the players that they lost, one would only have to look a little bit into the depth chart.

All of the quality offensive line depth is gone. The solid backups who once filled in the holes when needed during the regular season are long gone, off to be starters on another team.

Frank "t...

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