Ranking 20-16, Best Current Quarterbacks

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Published: April 20, 2009


... said he would like to play another year and he played most his career in our target range (1999-2008).

Green has been a solid Quarterback throughout his playing years. He has an above average winning % in almost every category. Which is good for a ranking of +6 above the average NFL QB..

In my opinion, everyone on this list is an above average QB. None of them rank up there with the best, but they all help their team win more games then the average QB would.

Biggest surprise on this list

Donovan McNabb
To be honest, I am not surprised by anyone on this list but most would have figured McNabb to place better then he did. When you look at his winning % in each category, he is just above average. With a 129 starts, it would take a couple really good years for him to move up and out of this group.

The Explanation of how each player's scores are calculated can be found here.
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