Raiders Trade Michael Bush


Published: April 3, 2009


... have been working on a package with the Cincinnati Bengals for a couple days now.

Finally, a couple hours ago, the Raiders worked out a deal to send Micheal Bush and a second round pick to Cincy for Chad Johnson.

Chad Johnson was unhappy in Cincinnati, and didn't go to camp again this year. The Bengals realized that this was going nowhere with him. In desperate need of reliable talent, they put him on the the trading block for a running back.

The Raiders felt with him on the block, Crabtree would not fall in there laps. 

I got a quick minute to ask Cable about this trade, and he responded by saying this move makes them more flexible come draft day by taking care of a huge whole on offense.

He kind of gave me a sense of feeling that he's going defensive with his number seven pick.

These moves will be made public on Monday, when both players undergo physicals.

So, there you go Raider fans! You finally got your number one f...

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