Raiders and The Hall Of Shame


Published: March 18, 2009


... Fame voting process, something stink's in Denmark.

There are a number of high impact, dominant players that were greats of the game during their playing era's.  Of those players, ie; Mark Clayton, Andre Reed, Kenny Easley, Drew Pearson, Russ Grimm, and even Terrell Davis, they all remain vacant from the serious conversation amongst voters.

The number of Oakland Raiders who have repeatedly been declined, or ignored, is a little frustrating to think about. Considering that they were dominant prime-time players at their positions, it is hard to think about them continually being snubbed. 

I try not to be a homer, but what has gotten my ire is the number of voters who seem to always have a personal agenda, or axe to grind, against individuals and teams. 

I am not aware as to whether or not DR. Z or Peter King (Sports illustrated) are still voters, but the two have made it clear that they will not vote ...

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