Quarterback Blurb Breakdown: Kurt Warner/Matt Leinart

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Published: July 16, 2009

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... style="line-height: 14.25pt;">While Matt Leinart has floundered with Internet drinking photos, poor displays of prowess in his limited game action, and perceived general lack of discipline, Kurt Warner keeps putting up great numbers.

At least that’s what it all looks like at first blush.

Warner certainly deserves the accolades for his 2008 season. 

His 4,582 yards were his second highest total ever (second to his 4,830 in 2001) and his 30 touchdowns marked his third highest total. He also finished the season, something he hasn't done as a starter in—well, let's just say "in some time."

That's your first red flag, though. Call it luck, point to vastly improved offensive line play, say he got cybernetic implants—whatever the reason, he made it through the whole season without missing a game.

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