Props Mike Florio, You Crybaby


Published: April 6, 2009


... Florio does to bring us NFL news on  I began "banging it here for the daily rumor mill" a couple of years ago before Mike made it big and started filming those forced studio head-shot segments with his clip-on tie and bug-eyed sidekick, Joe.  Yes, in those halcyon days, much like today, Florio flung ca-ca of all kinds at the wall and we found entertainment in watching some of it stick and some of it fall.

I want to take this opportunity to give props to Mike Florio for digging up a particular sticky manure rumor that stuck this weekend, the Raiders signing Jeff Garcia.  I sourced Florio's post of the rumor in an article I wrote for this site, an article many of you read and commented on.

Florio has built a well-earned reputation among ardent football fans and even some in the league as a good news source.  Indeed, Florio outperforms the ...

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