Playing Wait and See Is Just a “Ticking Time Bomb”


Published: April 4, 2009


... the Denver Broncos.

The Chicago Bears offered two first round draft picks, No. 18 in this year's draft and unknown pick in 2010. They also traded a third rounder and in return got a fifth rounder for disgruntled QB Jay Cutler.

Now all Redskins fans have to wait and see how Jason Campbell will preform and also how he copes with all of the talk about "this being his last year and then Brennan era starts" or the trade winds blowing into D.C.

As of now, Jason Campbell seems confident in his set of skills and that he can lead this team. But how long till Brennan kills it in preseason or until the Redskins collapse again. Then you will here the Brennan shouts in unison at FedEx Field or talks about Jim Zorn not being able to take the pressure of being a head coach.

With taking this approach to this season—how long fans of Skin's nation, how long till we return to a winning playoff team that can reach the Superbowl?

With additions such as Haynes...

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