Plaxico Burress: March 31 Do-or-Die in Gun Possession Case


Published: March 12, 2009


... playoffs.

On March 31, Plaxico Burress’ illegal gun possession case will be heard.

Think back to Jan. 21, 2008, the NFC Championship game. You can almost hear the Packers’ announcer still today “Al Harris must be cold… Because he’s been undressed by Plaxico Burress.”

Burress had 11 catches for over 150 yards in that game, all Giants records. You could see Eli Manning over the course of the season, no matter what happened, place his utter faith in Burress.

Last season, Eli was robbed of his security blanket, and looked as pedestrian as McNabb without Westbrook to look to.

Eli looked fine without Plaxico against lesser opponents, but when Philadelphia came to town, he lacked any sense of direction at all, and was largely at fault for the loss. No receiver on the roster or in the draft can replace Burress.

So, on March 31, Plax and his lawyer will sit there quietly and wait and see if the district attorney...

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