Pittsburgh Steelers’ Defensive Line: The Reason for Not Getting Younger

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Published: April 1, 2009


... of their defensive line.

Prior to the 2008 NFL Draft, everyone believed that the Steelers were going to address both the offensive and defensive lines in the first two rounds. At the conclusion of the draft, Pittsburgh had not called a single defensive linemen name.

The current starters of the line are NT Casey Hampton (32 years old), Brett Keisel (31 years old), and Aaron Smith (33 years old).

Our back up are, Chris Hoke (33 years old), Nick Eason (29 years old), and Travis Kirschke (35 years old).

So there has to be a reson for the neglect. I think I have figured it out. 

Dick LeBeau.

No one can argue the greatness of LeBeau. He is an NFL legend. He has been in the league as a player and coach for over 50 years.

He created the zone-blitz scheme, and has proved over time that he is one of the best defensive minds ever.

So, why wont he bring in any younger players?

Prior to coming to Pittsburgh, Mike Tomlin was a ...

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