Philadelphia Eagles: Ocho and Boldin Not Necessary


Published: April 14, 2009


... and third round picks to Cinci or 'Zona for either Boldin or The Och."

But let's not be too narrow-minded folks! Dont forget, this is the Philly team that marched into the post-season and dominated, aside from the first half of the NFC Championship, without a healthy star running back and with no discernable No.1 receiver.

D. Jack was a pleasant surprise and will only continue to improve, but he is no Steve Smith. For months, all I've heard is we need Ocho or Boldin to get us our ring. While I would not necessarily disagree, I would contend that those two are not the only ways to fill some space on McNabb's ring finger.

Did everyone forget that two of the most prolific wide receivers of recent time are still hovering in the free agent market with no trade required?

Let us not forget that it was Marvin Harrison who was just as vital to the Colts Championship as one Mr. Manning, and let us not also forget that it was Plaxico Burress who, along with T...

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