Philadelphia Eagles’ Act Is Getting Old


Published: March 21, 2009


... staring, wondering, and hoping. Finally, he has had enough; he stood up and rolled up his sleeves and marched down to "Big Red's" office.


There were questions that needed to be answered, and by golly, Spadaro was the man that was going to get answers. He had waited through long days and the nights? My god the nights—Spadaro like the rest of the Eagle fan base had wondered.

Just why hadn't we heard from Andy Reid about Brian Dawkins' and Tra Thomas' departures from the nest?

So, Spadaro used his "pull" with the Eagles—I'm sure to the displeasure of Reid—to get a one-on-one sit down with the Eagles' head man to discuss Dawkins and Thomas and why they weren't going to be wearing midnight green this season—a hard hitting "20/20" worthy interview.

For those of you who don't know who Spadaro is (and I can't believe anyone wouldn't), he's the head writer for That's right, Dave's an Eagle e...

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