Peyton Manning Apparently Traded To Patriots (Humor)


Published: March 30, 2009


... Report about Peyton Manning.

His friends were worried. 

First because he went to E!spn. (Motto, "We can make mountains out of molehills," or "if T.O. farts in a jacuzzi, we'll have week long, round the clock coverage.")

Second, and more importantly, he insisted Peyton Manning was a New England Patriot.

"He [Manning] is so freakin' awesome," said Mr. O'Berry.  "I'm glad the Patriots got him."

When asked about the uniform he said, "Yeah, it is weird how they make him wear a different uniform, but that way the defender knows this is the QB and he should not hit him."

He was foggy on details of the trade, but insisted it was true.

"I had hoped they'd land Drew Brees or, gasp, Carson Palmer, but..." said Mr.O'Berry before the paramedics revived him.

"Peyton Manning is a fricken' Patriot," said Mr. O'Berry as the emergency medical technicians moved him into the ambulance.

As the door closed he could be heard s...

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