Percy Harvin: A Game-Changer Or a Shape-Shifter?


Published: April 26, 2009


... pick of the NFL Draft rather than the sturdy presence of an offensive tackle or a swift defender to man the secondary.

But will their pick be a game-changer or shape-shifter?

This is the question that haunts the Vikings after their selection of University of Florida standout Percy Harvin, whom they took with the 22nd pick. 

The Vikings made a bold statement when they said they believe that Harvin's character issues are behind him, and they upheld their vow to select the best player available when it came their turn to draft.

Harvin's résumé includes a litany of of transgressions dating back to high school. He bumped an official during a football game in his senior year and received a two-game suspension. He was involved in a fight during a basketball game later in the year. And to top it all off, Harvin tested positive for marijuana during a drug screening at the NFL Combine in February.

Harvin's on and off-f...

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