Patriots Sign Joey Galloway: If I Didn’t Love Them, I’d Hate Them


Published: March 14, 2009


... does.

In baseball, it's the Yankees. In hoops, it's the Celtics. In hockey, who cares? Teams that simply seem to grab the hot name before anyone else gets a sniff.

Like their cross-town sisters the Red Sox, the Patriots seem content signing proven players to low-risk, high-gain contracts.

The Patriots off-season may turn out to be nothing short of remarkable if things pan out as hoped. Sure, the Pats lost second-string QB turned Golden Boy, Matt Cassell, and defensive captain Mike Vrabel in a controversial trade with Kansas City.

They lost long-time special teams Pro Bowler Larry Izzo to the New York Jets, No. 3 wide receiver, Jabar Gaffney and long-snapper Lonnie Paxton to the Denver Broncos, as well as bowling ball fullback Heath Evans to the New Orleans Saints.

There are minuses on every football team and barring another injury to QB Tom Brady these subtractions would seem to be palatable.

On the plus side, ESPN's L...

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