Part I. Myth and Facts About Al Davis’ Draft History: Wide Receivers


Published: March 29, 2009


... been defensive backs who Davis has always put premium value on.

Because of his history the many mocks with the Oakland Raiders taking Crabtree, Maclin or Darius Heyward-Bey show how little attention Al Davis' detractors have really paid to how he does things, and the "crazy" rules that he is accused of following in his draft room are based on their imagination. 

Myth: All Al Davis cares about is 40 times.

Reality: Al Davis like a number of other "SUCCESSFUL" GMs and teams does follow certain speed, height and weight criteria for certain positions. Wide receiver has traditionally been one those positions, that Davis has placed a premium value on "explosive speed".... not just great top end speed but the ability to reach it in a blink of eye.

However, the reality is that Al Davis has traditionally shied away from high profile wide receiver in the draft. The last high profile wide receiver he drafted was Tim Brown.

Brown had everything Davi...

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