Panic Sweeping The Raider Nation? Not All of Us, Not All at Once


Published: September 29, 2009

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... media in the last couple days you would think the Raiders have lost the last two straight seasons 0-16 and we are resorting to calling Jeff George out of retirement.

Folks, it's been one loss.


For the season, we are 1-2, in third place in the AFC West.

San Diego is 2-1 and Denver is at 3-0.

Why am I not running like a chicken with it's head cut off?

Several reasons. For one, it's only three weeks into the season. Three weeks. Predicting the playoffs or even how the teams will set up for the draft is about as scientific as throwing darts at the wall. Could any of us see Robert Gallery going down in the second week of the preseason? Or how about Chaz Schilens getting hurt in April?

The simple fact is, no one can predict when these things happen.

For the same matter, no one can predict when JaMarcus Russell will go from playing horribly to being the go-to guy for the Raiders. We've seen him at his best, and now, I hope we've ...

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