Orlando Pace Reaches Out to Torry Holt

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Published: April 8, 2009


... told the Chicago Tribune ""I spoke to Torry. It's funny he was just probably at my house a few days before I even came here. I think he's just out searching. I'm probably recruiting him in Chicago here. And hopefully it works out."

Well Bears fans, it seems like there might be a greater chance than you think of acquiring Holt.

He knows that there will be a high level of comfort for him considering that...

1. He will be playing for a coach who he is already played for.

2. He will already be with his old teammate/ best buddy- Orlando Pace

3. He will play better (Which is what every old veteran player wants to do. Play better in their final years.) because of Jay Cutler, who is a HUGE difference, statistically, than Marc Bulger.

4. He knows that if he joins the Bears, that the Bears will be serious contenders for a Division title.

Lets just keep our fingers crossed that the Bears still keep up their interest in him and may...

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