Open Letter To The NFL: No More Thanksgiving Turkeys


Published: April 17, 2009


... Mr. Goodell,

Your tenure so far with the NFL has reinvigorated the league and renewed the faith of millions of fans who felt that the NFL was becoming a league of criminals. Your tough love stances with players like Adam Jones inspired me, among many, to believe that maybe there really is a Santa Claus who taketh away the sinners of the league and toss them out on the streets.

I know; I am mixing methaphors, or something like that, but trust me the cause is a good one.

You see, it seems the NFL has gotten a big wad of tradition stuck on the bottom of it's collective shoes and either can't or won't get a big stick and scrape it off. Yes, we fans know and love traditions, in fact, it is part of what we love about many things in our culture. Traditions give us a sense of history, they keep us in touch with hero's of the past and provide glimpses of legends yet to come.

But seriously commish, we need to talk.

Now, I realize that Thanksgiving is all...

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