Oakland Raiders: The Pride of the Fans, Hope For the Future

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Published: March 30, 2009

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... Is it true that the average Charger fan has only followed the club since 2003?


A lot of the old guard in the Raider Nation, will be able to read off the names, like saints, of the old days. Names like Blanda, Lamonica, Stabler, Hubbard, Allen, Alzado, Branch, Freddie, and The Ghost. They share memories of Tatum's hitting power, or how Tooz would enjoy punishing players foolish enough to come nearby. Or even the Mad Stork, roaming around, causing trouble.

These, were the glory days. Three Super Bowl rings' worth,decades worth of wins, both in the AFL and in the NFL after the merger.

The chant is heard, primarily due to programming, "what have you done lately?", from places like NFL Network's Believe in Now, or how anything beyond 2008 doesn't count.

Funny, if it doesn't, why do Charger fans keep harping on the last six years? I thought it didn't count?

One thing that separates the Raider Nation with the ones who follow a San Dieg...

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