Not Over the Hill Yet: Athletes Over 40 with Major Contributions


Published: April 17, 2009


... athletes. Athletes you can think out of the top of your head, Athletes that are nearby, athletes in the Olympics, so on. Another group of athletes is set apart from the normal athletes. These athletes are the best of the best. In this group is 48-year-old gunslinger. Also there is a man who was a leading scorer on his hockey team when he was 50. Who is this group of players? This group of players is amazing athletes that have had a major accomplishment 40 years or older of age. They are set apart from the sports world. It is so hard to be in this group of athletes that you might have to become a Masters Champion at 46 (Jack Nicklaus) or be the fastest player on your football team at 40 (Darrell Green) Athletes 40 years of age and older have to play a very long time in there sport. Most athletes play until about age 30 and then they will hang up the hat. Just as this group of athletes will play at least 10 years more of sports than the average professional athlete. Who are some of th...

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